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Mediatomb and Windows Media Player 11 (Vista)

  • schonGEZahlt

    schonGEZahlt - 2007-05-10


    I am running mediatomb on my linux home server. NeroHome and Vista itself recognize the media server. The on2share plugin for media player also does. But Media Player 11 does not, although I have activated UPNP support in Media Player. Accessing media shared by another Vista notebook (Media Player as well as on2share) works fine.

    Has anybody made similar experiences? As on2share is commercial (and quite ugly), I'd like to use the internal Media Player functions.

    Are there special settings to change in the mediatomb config? If it is impossible to connect Media Player 11 to mediatomb, does anybody know an alternative player software?

    thx in advance,


    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-05-10

      Sorry, can't say much there since I am not using Windows; I am also not familiar with the on2share software; if the Media Player 11 UPnP implementation is as "nice" as the Xbox 360 one, then it would probably need some effort to get it to work - it implements UPnP in a very proprietary way, which makes it incompatible with common UPnP compliant implementations.

      We plan to provide Xbox 360 support and I think in the meantime we found the information about what changes are needed to make it work, but I can not yet say when it will be done. I also do not know if those changes will solve the problem that you are observing.


    • Michael Müller

      Michael Müller - 2007-05-15

      I have the same problems with media player 11 on XP. I think it's a problem with the media player. With on2share it works with the media player. Also I have problems with the .flac files and XP. XP plays "stand alone" .flac files, but no .flac files via mediatomb. I think XP likes the .wma files, therefore I think that's are no mediatomb problems. Plaese send a bug report to MS.



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