PS3 Thumbnail Size

  • Christoph Schmid

    Is the PS3 thumbnail size really limited to 128 pixels? I think other servers manage to provide bigger thumbnails, correct me if I'm wrong here. But 128 pixels is really too small for decent movie covers…

  • Anonymous - 2009-10-26

    AFAIK thumbnail there is not for movie covers - it's just one picture form entire movie (as just PS3 native thumbnails are - have you tried to put any .avi on PS3's HDD? Thumbnail looks the same).
    I'm using now 160x160 thumbnails in my MT config - it's pretty enough to recall what is this title about.
    It's one picture from position of 20% from start of the movie (in my config) extracted by ffmpegthumbnailer.
    Works nicely.

  • Christoph Schmid

    Ok, thanks. I have a transcode script that sets a movie cover as thumbnail, because I think it's much more usfeul than an actual scene from the movie. I'll try with 160 pixels, this would at least be somewhat nicer than 128 pixels. But what is the limitation? The built-in thumbnails on the PS3 seem to have a much higher resolution.

  • Jin

    Jin - 2009-12-03

    Thumbnail size is indeed limited on the PS3, I do not think that we can work around this.


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