multiple maps for different devices

  • Kurt

    Kurt - 2012-03-25

    I seem to have conflicting 'mapping needs:"
    Wev sites I read say I must modify my config.xml with the following for my Samsung DLNA tv:
    <map from="avi" to="video/mpeg"/>
    To use my PS3 I need the following:
    <map from=“avi” to=“video/divx”/>
    Is it possible to have one mapping for one device, and another mapping for another device?

  • Henrik Holst

    Henrik Holst - 2012-03-31

    Unfortunately no

  • prioryjim

    prioryjim - 2012-10-16

    Is it possible to run two or more instances of mediatomb on different ports using different config.xml ?

    If it were possible to get some form of client ID it might be possible to pass this as a parameter into the transcode script, and thus decide in the script what transcoding is required. Don't know if this is possible.


  • A. Francois

    A. Francois - 2012-12-28

    The patch uploaded here should help :

    The patch maintains a list of detected devices and the mapping is adapted at each request from the device.
    For the moment, the "per device mapping" is hardcoded at buikd time in the file tombupnp/upnp/src/genlib/net/http/webserver.c  :

       //  change "x-matroska" by "x-mkv", for samsung devices only
       char *newtype;
       if((strcmp(finfo.content_type, "video/x-matroska")==0)) {
           if(ssdpdevice_servermatch(&GlobalSsdpDevices, info->foreign_ip_addr.s_addr, "samsung")) {
              // change is made in two steps : free the previous string, malloc a new one
              if((newtype= (char *) strdup("video/x-mkv"))) {
                  finfo.content_type = newtype;

    In your case, duplicate this block to change "video/mpeg" to "video/divx" for PS3 devices (I don't knowhow to determine a PS3 device but the SSDP NOTIFY should contain a specific substring)

  • prioryjim

    prioryjim - 2012-12-29

    Thanks I will look into this

  • Anonymous - 2013-01-24

    would be serviio acting in this way ?


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