Ordering artists or albums by first letter?

  • Morten Egelund Rasmussen

    I have quite a lot of MP3 files in my collection, which gives me a huge list of artists and album names.

    It takes ages for me to scroll through these lists on my uPnP enabled kitchen radio (it has a dial button), which is really annoying.

    Is there an option anywhere in the Mediatomb configuration, that will "insert an extra level in the media tree", so I will just need to select the first letter of the artist name (or the album name) and then all artists/albums will show up in the next sublevel?

    If not: are there any actual plans to implement this. If not: could anybody give me any hints on where I should look in the source code in order to supply a decent patch for this functionality?

    Best regards,

    Morten :-)

  • Jin

    Jin - 2009-12-20

    Please have a look at the wiki, there are some custom import scripts submitted by our users which add an extra ABC/DEF/etc. level.

    Kind regards,


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