mediatomb and dlna sony bravia support

  • Mayak QWERN

    Mayak QWERN - 2009-07-16

    Hi Jin, Hi All,

    I was wondering if anyone has successfully integrated mediatomb with minidlna (or another dlna implementation) to have mediatomb serve content to sony bravia televisions.

    I have installed minidlna, and it works like a charm, however, it pales in comparison to mediatomb in its functionality.

    Any suggestions (or perhaps starting a bounty) for dlna support would be enormously appreciated. Minidlna seems to be the only dlna implementation that I have run accross that really works ...



  • Jin

    Jin - 2010-01-27

    Well, there was not much talk about DLNA back in the times where we started, actually I am still not convinced that it provides any meaningful benefit, in my eyes it's more a marketing thing and unfortunately lots of manufacturers chose to go that way.

    It's quite some effort to add proper DLNA support to MediaTomb, I wanted to do it about 1.5 years ago but I simply could not find the motivation - I personally do not need it, my devices work fine without it, and instead of wasting much time on a boring job I prefer to add new cool features.

    minidlna has the advantage, that it was started and designed with DLNA support in mind, so I guess those guys had the chance to plan things beforehand, we however would be forced to bend existing stuff, trying to fit to DLNA. Coding those changes and bending/rewriting existing stuff just because of DLNA is not so much fun either… I hope I will be able to somehow force myself into doing it at some point :)

    Currently we were only adding hacks and little bits and pieces here and there just to get particular devices going. I commited one of those hacks in revision 2057, it *may* provide some basic support for Sony Bravia, you'd have to test it.

    Discussion continued here:


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