Best OS for Ground up build

  • rosenhauer

    rosenhauer - 2008-07-01

    I've got MT working on my MyBook World Edition but it's to slow to be really useful.  It only has enough horsepower to play mp3's (as long as you aren't also transferring files!) And it takes it almost 1 min to rescale my jpg's (from 10 MP down to the 640x480 I need for my HR20) so the player times out way before it's done.  It also takes almost 1 min per MP3 to add it to the DB (once the BD had ~10000 songs on it) I tried switching to MySQL but that just took more resources away from transcoding.

    I want to stick with MT as I think it's a great piece of software.  So I've decided to take an old machine and convert it to *nix to use MT on.  I maintain a FreeBSD server (for web and mail at another location) But I'm wondering if that's overkill.  I've messed with FreeNAS in the past (that now comes with MT but I'd have to update it to the SVN version).  Is there any other quick to install setup that anyone would recommend?  I also was hoping to leave the files on the MyBook and NFS mount it to the new box. Has anyone done it this way or am I wasting time with this approach?


    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-07-01

      Well, playing should not be a problem from a device like the MyBook, I play stuff from an NSLU2 which has even less power.

      Import speed is unfortunately an issue... :)

      Anyway, I would go with something simple like Fedora, at least that guarantees that you run into fewer problems - I use Fedora and MT under Fedora always has to build for me :)
      It also offers all -devel packages that are needed, so it should be easy to get all the dependencies together.

      Kindi regards,


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