MediaTomb and TiVo

Dan Rich
  • Dan Rich

    Dan Rich - 2010-07-23

    I have managed to get transcoding of TiVo files working with MediaTomb and would ilke to take it to the next level.  Has anyone tried to directly stream video from a TiVo to another device via. MediaTomb?

    I can see two obvious ways to do this:

    • Write a script that will convert the contents of my TiVo into a playlist via TiVo's https download interface and have MediaTomb scan it and transcode the downloads on the fly

    • Take the YouTube code from MediaTomb and try and convert it to support TiVo's HME protocol

    The first is obviously the easiest but the second sounds like a much better idea to me.  However, my C++ is really rusty and I haven't taken a look at the YouTube code yet, so that one scares me a bit….

    Does anyone have any other thoughts on how best to go about this and/or wants to work on it?

  • Dan Rich

    Dan Rich - 2010-07-23

    Just to follow-up to my thoughts….

    After playing with this a bit, I think #2 is the better option.  With code that could query the XML directly from the TiVo, you have the ability to build a tree structure that looks exactly like what you would see in the TiVo menus as well as the being able to get the full metadata for all of the recordings. I don't know of a way to do this with a playlist short of writing a huge amount of javascript code (which very likely still wouldn't work as well as one would like).

    There are a few challenges to writing something for this from scratch, but nothing too difficult:

    • To really do it right, you would need to query for available resources using bonjour.  Looking for services of type _tivo-videos.tcp will give you all of the TiVos on the network

    • The bonjour query also gives you everything you need to talk to the TiVo except for the Media Access Key, that would need to be in the config

    • From there you just walk the folders and files on the TiVo, the XML includes URLs to the video data and the metadata.  The files can be transcoded with tivodecode and ffmpeg


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