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An other web frontend...

  • valentin vago

    valentin vago - 2008-11-21

    Hi, I discovered Mediatomb recently and I think it's a really nice project.
    I would like to contribute in a way (if possible) but I don't know if my skills would fit the backend development... But for the JS, I should be able to do something...
    The thing is that normally, I am working as a Drupal module/theme developer and I currently trying to integrate Mediatomb into a Drupal module...
    I'm still analyzing where and how I could make it (my guess is that I will try to read the Mediatomb DB within Drupal... but it's my first idea).
    I would be really enthusiast to find a REST API or something like that to exchange information and trigger actions between Drupal and Mediatomb... but I have no ideas on how to do it...
    Does anybody have other ideas to start my work/schemas of the working of Mediatomb or something like that?
    Thanks a lot and mya the big developer bless this great project :D

    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-11-21

      Theoretically you could emulate our web UI, I would not mess with the database directly, especially not when the server might be running. However beware that the API is undocumented and might change unexpectedly.

      You might also have a look at a php library that one user wrote (some sort of library to interface with the server by emulating our UI):


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