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Dynamic lists

  • bluegecko73

    bluegecko73 - 2009-01-02

    Are there any plans (or could there ever be) some sort of way of specifying dynamic/changing lists of available media. As far as I'm aware you can't currently do that. It'll only show whats been added via the import javascript which is a static list (unless things are added/deleted).

    I'm personally thinking of being able to specify something like search criteria thats added to the view of a specific category (like Video) thats updated each time you view it, so I can perhaps have one branch under Video that always contains the last 10-15 new items, alongside all the static content I currently have.

    Would that work and would anyone else find that useful?

    I've noticed that when viewing the list of available media from my PS3, deleted content doesn't get picked up immediately if its deleted since the list was requested, but new items do if I revisit the containing folder/branch (they get added to the bottom of the existing list), so there may be an issue with it not updating/detecting changes all the time (quite possible a PS3 issue), but for each new visit it could work.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2009-01-03

      Regarding "on the fly updates" - this is a PS3 problem. We do support ContentDirectory updates that are specified in UPnP and it works well on renderers that also support it (for example D-Link DSM-510). The PS3 suffers from excessive caching, so you indeed have to navigate out and in to get something updated.

      Regarding dynamic lists... well, we do plan a "last played" container feature,  already added the "marking of played items" in SVN, but otherwise nothing like what you described.

      Kind regards,


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