AMG movie database support

  • YuChung Wang

    YuChung Wang - 2007-08-25

    I search the internet for a couple of ours. This is the most useful information I get so far

    However, it does not tell us how to generate the DVD ID as well as how to get information from AMG website. There is no information on AMG web site as well. It looks like Microsoft must make some agreement with them to access the information.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-08-25

      I did some extensive searching to, and indeed - this is the link that I also found. And you are right, it does not tell how to generate/get the DVD ID, but one user said that the ID they are talking about is the "barcode" (not sure if it is on the dvd box or on the dvd label).

      As for the AMG database, I think I did write something about it in one of my previous posts:

      Here the id is: E164356 and as you can see we could easily use it get the information about the movie by constructing an URL with appropriate parameters. Unfortunately I do not have a single DVD around, maybe you can check if you find that AMG code on one of your DVDs and then grep through the image and see if it may be there too?

      The above query will return a html document with information about the DVD that we could easily parse.

      So the big question is - how to get the ID in a somehow automated way?

    • YuChung Wang

      YuChung Wang - 2007-08-27

      Unfortunely, I am in Taiwan. I can not get any US DVD to verify this.

      I doubt that we can find the AMG DVD ID in the DVD case. From Microsoft's document, this number is generated from the content of the IFO by using a magic algorithm. The DVD profiler can generate the ID.

      I hope that somebody in US can verify if they can use DVD profiler to generate it.

      If we can not generate the ID automatically, the only choice is to ask users to input it manually. We may provide web interface for the users to input the metadata or AMG ID so that we can fetch inofrmation from the internet.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-08-27

      Same here, I only have a German DVD and nothing on the case matches the AMG ID. The DVD however is entered in the AMG (allmovie) database...

      It would be great if we would be able out figure out this algorithm, that would solve our problem.

      As for the web interface, it's actually also a good idea to have such an option there. However I would additionally implement a solution where the user can put a special text file in the movie directory from where we would read the ID. This could be helpful in many ways, especially for repeated import.

      Let's see how far we get with the IDs...

    • YuChung Wang

      YuChung Wang - 2007-08-27

      Actually, we can do both. We can define an XML-based configuration which define metadata of any items. When we rescan the database, we will try to fetch data from these files. We can read data from system file (.mediatomb/meta.xml) or directory of the original file (/root/dvd-library/mediatomb_meta.xml). The format is the same.

      In this case, we can implement web-based editor for meta.xml and users can add their own from other program by using mediatomb_meta.xml.


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