mp4 audio (extension *.m4a) imported by ffmpe

  • mross2

    mross2 - 2010-05-14

    after importing *.m4a files some tags are wrong. They are meta info is grabbed by ffmpeg instead of mp4v2.

    problem 1) track numbers are not extracted from the metadata at all
    problem 2) when a composer is defined it is used as artist. This does mess up the database entry.

    After adding some *.m4a files I can tell from the debug output:

    DEBUG:  addFfmpegMetadataFields(): Added metadata title: Gonna Sing You My Lovesong
    DEBUG:  addFfmpegMetadataFields(): Added metadata author: Andersson, B/Benny Andersson/Björn Ulvaeus/Ulvaeus, B
    DEBUG:  addFfmpegMetadataFields(): Added metadata year: 1974
    DEBUG:  addFfmpegResourceFields(): Added duration: 00:03:41.0
    DEBUG:  addFfmpegResourceFields(): Added overall bitrate: 161 kb/s
    DEBUG:  addFfmpegResourceFields(): Added sample frequency: 44100 Hz
    DEBUG:  addFfmpegResourceFields(): Added number of audio channels: 1

    I use the following configure options:
    ./configure -enable-tombdebug -disable-ffmpeg

    mp4v2 is installed and it integrates fine with mediatomb. Ffmpeg should be disabled to prevent it from reading tags, but this does not work !

    Has anyone solved this problem ?

  • Jin

    Jin - 2010-05-17

    Are you sure that your MT version was compiled with both, ffmpeg and libmp4v2? What is the autodetected mime type of your m4a files?

  • mross2

    mross2 - 2010-05-18

    checking for mp4v2/mp4v2.h… yes
    checking for mp4v2/mp4v2.h… (cached) yes
    checking for MP4Read in -lmp4v2… yes
    checking for MP4GetMetadataCoverArtCount() in libmp4v2… yes
    checking for MP4GetTrackAudioChannels() in libmp4v2… yes

    sqlite3               : missing
    mysql                 : yes
    libjs                 : missing
    libmagic              : yes
    inotify               : yes
    libexif               : missing
    id3lib                : disabled
    taglib                : yes
    libmp4v2              : yes
    ffmpeg                : disabled
    ffmpegthumbnailer     : missing
    lastfmlib             : missing
    external transcoding  : yes
    curl                  : yes
    YouTube               : yes
    libextractor          : 
    db-autocreate         : yes

    2. file -i xxx.m4a gives me:  audio/mp4

  • mross2

    mross2 - 2010-05-18

    I purposely disabled ffmpeg by using

    ./configure -enable-tombdebug -disable-ffmpeg

    This was to force the use of mp4v2 to extract tags. somehow even with ffmpeg diabled I get the above debug output claiming that ffmpeg is used for the tags.

    I am running mediatomb V0.12.1 on Ubuntu Karmic (9.10)

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • mross2

    mross2 - 2010-05-20

    if this helps I can send a m4a file (3.2MB)  to you.
    Let me know what you think.
    Best regards,


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