Custom import script issue

Des Magner
  • Des Magner

    Des Magner - 2012-11-27


    I have taken the File System Structure Script from the wiki scripting page and used it as is. It works fine for alot of files but I found that I ended up with an incomplete video structure. I added a  print() call to the addVideo() function and found that it does not get called for all video files on my server. The files for which addVideo() is not called do end up in the structure but all at the end in a separate entry. This extra entry is an exact reflection of the server's underlying directory structure and only contains the files for which addVideo was never called. Anyone any ideas what might be happening?

    Thanks in Advance

  • Des Magner

    Des Magner - 2012-11-29

    I resolved the problem by clearing the database (ie removing mediatomb.db file) and starting again. Would seem some of the entries had been corrupted and a clean refresh was needed.


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