Logitech Revue Support?

  • Tyler Kocheran

    Tyler Kocheran - 2011-02-07

    I just got a Logitech Revue and can't get it to work with MediaTomb. It sees it on the network over UPnP, but it gives a network error when trying to browse. Minidlna works fine, so I can't imagine why MediaTomb wouldn't :(

  • BT

    BT - 2011-02-09

    It most likely doesn't work because your device is DLNA while MediaTomb is only UPnP AV. MediaTomb does have some DLNA bits implemented but it's just enough to allow it to work with a PS3.

  • Anonymous - 2011-04-05

    it used to work with Revue, then it stopped and finally Logitech has fixed that with the last update. Albeit they broke XVID support …

  • Tyler Kocheran

    Tyler Kocheran - 2011-04-05

    Yeah, Logitech is pretty much doing a horrible job with their "Logitech Media Player."

    Every single time they introduce an "update," one thing gets fixed, two others break. Please, Google, open up Google TV so we can make apps that WORK.

    In any case, I have discovered that one big reason why it doesn't work too well is that MediaTomb doesn't support the Search action. Any reason for this?

  • BT

    BT - 2011-04-06

    MediaTomb hasn't implemented the search action because it's an optional part of the UPnP specification.

  • Tyler Kocheran

    Tyler Kocheran - 2011-04-06

    I'm aware of that. However, could you imagine not being able to search through your media library? I'm a developer, it wouldn't take that much to add, and it would benefit everyone. Search is seriously one of the actions that the UPnP spec should have made mandatory. Think about what removing search functionality would do to your favorite media player application.


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