Request: allow clients based on IP or MAC

  • vbonline

    vbonline - 2009-01-20


    Having played with a lot of Media-Servers (twonky, eyeconnect, fuppes and mediatomb) I got stuck with mediatomb (features, functionality and topmost stability as reasons).

    But i just missed one feature in mediatomb which all the others have: restricting access to the server based on ip address (fuppes) or Mac-Address (twonky and eyeconnect).

    Ether I missed this completly in the documentation (then a slight nudge in the right direction would be nice) or this is a missing feature (at least for me)...

    Any chance to implement this?

    And if so, than please implement this better than all the others :-) With them it is all or nothing, but I would really like to have the ability to share the disney movies to the kids, but restrict the access to the UFC-Fights to only MY media-client... So access based on directory would be good. Maybe like .htaccess files?

    Default policy is allow any, but if there is a .mtaccess file in a directory than only mac-addresses from this file would have access ?

    Thanks for considering this :-)

    • Jin

      Jin - 2009-01-24

      That's something for a distant future, don't expect any movement in that direction anytime soon. We plan to add some client detection and policies and stuff like that after replacing libupnp with our own library.

      Kind regards,


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