Version 0.81

  • Konni

    Konni - 2005-08-18

    How is the status with version 0.81 ?
    Will there be long until the release ?
    WIll there be debian package available in that release ?


    • x_gen

      x_gen - 2005-08-18

      Hi there!

      Version 0.81 will be released in a few days. Everything is implemented and we are currently finishing stress-testing it.

      As for binary package - this will be somewhat problematic.

      Mediatomb may now work with many more libraries. There is true disaster with version compatibility of those libraries on different distros. I think we'll simply build statically linked binary packages, that will naturally have bigger executables, but at least they will work everywhere.

      So, stay tuned ;-)

    • Jin

      Jin - 2005-09-05

      As usual "a few days" turned to be out a little more.
      We ran into a few troubles, but hope to get everything done this week. Sorry for the delay :>

    • x_gen

      x_gen - 2005-09-08

      Hey! Once the 0.81 release was there we were in a mood to say, no binary packages. Was a temporary blackout :) We're working on rpm's and debs, will come shortly...

    • Konni

      Konni - 2005-09-09

      Brilliant ..
      Looking forward to get the Deb.

      Cheers and congrats with v.0.81

    • Konni

      Konni - 2005-09-15

      Any news on the deb or the rpm for v. 0.81 ?

      • Martin Heerling

        Martin Heerling - 2005-09-15

        I prepared a spec file for mediatomb-0.8.1 for SuSE 9.x. with some support files. You'll find them here:

        Since I'm running mediatomb under UID nobody, you will have to copy the file /usr/share/mediatomb/start to ~nobody/.mediatomb/start or whatever user you'll pick to run mediatomb.

        Attention: It compiles only if libmagic (here: from file-4.13-5 rpm) contains the shared libs*. Otherwise the compile bails out stating it cannot find libmagic.

        To compile, copy {mediatomb-0.8.1.tar.gz,mediatomb.rc,start} to /usr/src/packages/SOURCES/ and mediatomb.spec to /tmp/. Then issue "rpmbuild -ba /tmp/mediatomb.spec". After successfull build you will find the binary in /usr/src/packages/i?86/mediatomb-0.8.1-1.i?86.rpm, depending on your RPM architecture build flags (could be ...athlon... as well, though).
        Install it via "rpm -Uvh mediatomb-0.8.1-1.????.rpm and then "su - $YOUR_USER" and "/usr/bin/tomb-install" as mentionend in the README/INSTALL docs.

        Contact me if you need more info.

        • Jin

          Jin - 2005-09-16

          Cool stuff! Thank you!
          One remark though, you really should not --enable-libextractor by default, it significantly slows down media import.

          First problem that I observed: no matter how much RAM you have, during import it eats up 80% making everything to run very slowly. The second thing I observed: it sometimes takes ages till it scans through a videofile to extract the metadata.

          I plan to do some tests and report to the library maintainers, but for now I would disable it in spec files and packages. People who really want it can still force it during recompile.

          I am also going to finally update our project homepage, if you don't mine I would upload your suse files along with the description on how to use them.


      • Jin

        Jin - 2005-09-18

        OK k0nni, I have just uploaded RPMs for the 0.8.1 release... I hope your alien conversion works out. I would really take a look at how to compile the stuff if I were you :>

        • Konni

          Konni - 2005-09-19

          Well I have already tried to compile the package without luck.
          I followed the instructions on compiling the libupnp-1.2.1 in details, but every time i run ./configure i get the same results ..
          "checking for upnp/upnp.h... no
          configure: error: upnp/upnp.h not found. Check libupnp installation"

          And yes i did copy ixml.h to /usr/include

          I also trid installing the patched upnp package that you provided with .. the rpm gets successfully installed but i still get the same error message while running ./configure

          Any ideas ?

    • Jin

      Jin - 2005-09-15

      Well, Gena is currently moving, he started on a .deb package but it is not yet ready.

      Regarding rpm packages: I will make a 0.8.2 release this weekend, there will be no new features but the fixes for compiling under SuSE will be in.. for that release I plan to upload precompiled rpm packages for FC3 and FC4.

      Btw, it is quite easy to make an rpm package yourself, just run rpmbuild -tb mediatomb-0.8.1.tar.gz
      that should do the trick on an rpm based system. However I do not know if you can install rpm build tools on debian...(and that is what you are using, right?)

    • Konni

      Konni - 2005-09-15

      Yes, I'm running debian,
      dont know about the rpm tools ,
      but I have just the "alien" command to convert rpm package to deb package.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2005-09-19

      well, you say you copied it to /usr/include

      your upnp headers should be in /usr/include/upnp

      my /usr/include/upnp directory contains the following files:
      config.h    iasnprintf.h  ixml.h        ThreadPool.h   upnp.h
      FreeList.h  ithread.h     LinkedList.h  TimerThread.h  upnptools.h

      out your stuff accrodingly, and the configure file will try it, just give it another go!

    • Konni

      Konni - 2005-09-19

      Works like a charm .. i also needed to copy these files to my /usr/include/upnp folder ..
      config.h, upnp.h and upnptools.h.

      After that, compiled and working ..
      thanks for the help.


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