Xbox 360?

ace jones
  • ace jones

    ace jones - 2005-11-27

    Hi, has anyone gotten mediatomb to work with Xbox 360?  It talks to Windows MediaConnect, which is supposed to be a uPnP Media Server.

    • Torsten Schlabach

      No, but this is mostly because I don't have an X-Box yet. But it would be definitely something to go after, especially as the XBox is supposed to be HDTV capable.

      It would be interesting if there were someone who would have *any* experience (positive or negative).


    • Jin

      Jin - 2005-11-27

      Well, if the XBox supports the UPnP protocol and acts as a normal UPnP mediarenderer, I do not see a reason why it would not work with all the UPnP servers that are out there - including ours. Of course there is always a possibility, that M$ added something proprietary, and to be honest I have no idea about the XBox capabilities and features; but if it understands UPnP - it should work.

      Anyway, that's theory - would be nice to get some feedback from people who actually tried it :)



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