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  • Gunther

    Gunther - 2006-10-14


    I have mediatomb successfuly running under FreeBSD. Pictures and MP3s work fine. I recognized two minor problems:

    When I try to add files which have no correct content ('file' command only reports 'data'), then mediatomb seems to hang during import.

    The webinterface is not very fault tolerant: E.g. if I remove a node and make a reload on the browser, than mediatomb crashes.

    Both problem are not critical at the moment. But I have sever problems to stream AVI files (DivX).

    I have seen that there is a real huge thread on <a href=>vdr-portal</a> describing problems with the tg100 client.

    It seems that there some people have solved this problem with "fuppes" and "uShare". I tried the latest fuppes - which was said should support AVI together with TG100 - but without success on my BSD machine. (Tests on one of my linux machines will follow...). And I also played a little bit around with the mime types in mediatomb. Also without success. Does the new 0.90 version support AVI streaming to the TG100?

    I also had problems with the performance of the creation of the entries inside my mysql DB: It contains now about 100.000 entries and adding of these entries took on my (rather old server) many many hours (1 day?) and mysqld was using nearly all CPU...

    Final question: Is it possible to support you somehow? I am a good (professional) Perl programmer with a little bit mySQL know how. C/C++ is ok, but my focus is more on Perl scripting.
    Have you thought about offline tooling to fill the database?

    • Jin

      Jin - 2006-10-15


      Regarding crashes and hangups - we identified a number of issues with our thread synchronisation. Some of them never appeared on Linux environment but showed up on BSD systems. We changed and fixed quite a lot, so I hope that 0.9.0 will completely solve those issues.

      The current pre 0.9.0 development code already supports AVI playback on the TG100. One TG100 user set up a complete test environment on his machine with remote TG100 control, VLC videostream, build environment. Together we were able to identify and fix the problems, so yes - 0.9.0 wil have TG100 support.

      100000 items... wow!
      Well, it is difficult to talk about the databse now, because the storage code has been completely rewritten and the database layout has changed once again. The new storage is almost complete, once it is finalized we will do some benchmarking to compare the performance, we will also do some profiling. We believe that data import should work faster now, we improved several bottleneck functions in both storage and scripting.

      Thanks for the support offer! Right now we do not need any coding help, I guess the main reason is that it is just too much fun to hack it ourselves :) I seriously mean it - we really enjoy those coding sessions.

      I would gladly accept any help regarding autotools, my knowledge about writing scripts is growing, but there are still quite some mysteries that cost a lot of time.

      You could also support us by testing, I think once we finalize the storage class and once we are sure that the database layout will not change any further, we could give out pre-release versions to see how well it goes. It is especially important to perform tests on systems that were previously unsupported - like FreeBSD. Just drop me a mail if you wish to play around with the new code.

      Regarding the offline tool to fill the database - no, we did not think about that. What exactly is your idea? I do not really see the difference between adding data via an offline tool or directly via MediaTomb, maybe I am missing something?


    • Gunther

      Gunther - 2006-10-15


      I think one use case offline tool for the DB filling is, if I started mediatomb e.g. to search in a sub directory tree, later I or someone else uses this mediatomb instance for streaming, and I want to add an other directory: I have to stop the running instance and my son/wife claims about broken audio/video transfer...
      So either an offline tool or maybe even better an interactive add via the webtool would help.

      I think currently from the web interface it is only possible to create objects by hand, but it is not possible to import a directory tree...



    • Jin

      Jin - 2006-10-16

      Uhm... adding files via the web UI is possible in 0.8.1! You can add/remove files and directories via the web UI.

      You have a "Browse directory" and a "Browse Filesystem" link, when browsing the filesystem you can click the "+" icon to add files or folders to the database.

      In the lower part of the screen there is also an "Add: " text input field, any file or directory (use absolute paths) entered there, will be added to the database as well.


    • Gunther

      Gunther - 2006-10-17

      Hi Jin,

      yes this should be fine - unfortunately it seem not to work on my machine... the running mediatomb process does not report nor add anything when I add a directory or file, neither in the 'Add' input field nor in the 'Browse Filesystem'. I will check maybe this evening a little bit more...




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