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  • Martin Heerling

    Martin Heerling - 2005-09-18

    Hi all,

    right now I see two possibilities for updating a changed content directory:
    1.) manually add the new files via the web frontend
    2.) remove whole directory and readd it again.

    Do I miss some point and there is any other way to get a changed directory updated in the database or are these the only ways to get an updated database?

    Thanks for any hints.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2005-09-19

      Well.. first of all - yes, you are right. You can either delete and readd the directory, or, if files were only added to a directory on your drive, you can just add the same directory again and the missing files will be added to the databse. I know... not the best solution.

      We have been thinking about an automatic rescan feature for quite some time, there are basically two ways (if you come up with better ideas - please let us know!).
      1. use FAM to find out if something in a directory has changed. The problem here - if you are watching directory A and something has changed in B, which is a subdirectory of A, FAM will only tell you that something has changed in A, but not indicate in which subdir.
      2. simply rescan a directory every N minutes.

      Both approaches have drawbacks. In case of timed rescans you have to check everything, in case of using FAM you have to check., well, almost everything, and there is also a limitited number of directories that can be watched with FAM. Second, if you define everything as an, let's call it "autoscan folder",  the rescanning will put quite some load on the system, since you also have to look at the metadata of the items (what if an ID3 tag has changed?) So you still  have to make a difference between "normal" adding, like it is now, and "autoscan" folders.

      One of the reasons why we did not implement anything yet is, that the importing right now is quite slow. Gena already started optimizing the code and was able to get quite some speed gain. Unfortunately he also started rewriting the UI (well, not really unfortunately, because our current UI kind of sucks:), so you will have to wait for the optimized version till the new UI is ready :)

      Anyway.. I consider the "autoscan" thing an important feature, so you can be sure that it will be present in a hopefully not so distant future.


    • Martin Heerling

      Martin Heerling - 2005-09-20

      Hi Jin,
      thanks for putting some light on this issue.

      Actually,  I would prefer solution 2 (scheduled rescan every XX minutes, to be configured via confg.xml).

      At least TwonkyVision does it that way... ;-))


    • Jin

      Jin - 2005-09-21

      Well :) If we do not come up with any better solutions, we will add #2, but as I indicated that might take a while because the code has undergone significant changes since 0.8.1.

      Everyone, if you have any input or thoughts regarding the "autoscan" feature, please let us know :>

      Kind regards,


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