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  • charles shick

    charles shick - 2007-05-18

    hi jin,

    now that i have been passing days and days with your project :-) it is really fantastic.

    so i have two requests, which should be easy to implement, and seems quite logical -- i'd like to be able to hide and/or rename "PC Directry" from upnp clients ... my case is the following:

    i'm dealing with quite a large video library, and as you correctly stated in import.js, there's no easy way to get metadata for videos. this forces the librarian to create a directory structure to store the videos, and in most cases, it's by genre:

    PC Directory

    so it lends itself that music be "scanned" and placed into menu space through metadata, but for videos, it is more desirable and easier to manage through directory structure -- so we would just add a new object.container.storageFolder and point it to "dvd"

    resumee: be able to "hide" "PC Direcory" from clients, however, be able to change "dvd" in the above as un-hidden, and have it appear
    on the menu.

    2nd one may be a bit more diffcult, but may be it would possible to compile with ivtv so that we could stream directly from a fifo socket, or character device ...

    thanks again

    charles :-)

    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-05-18


      renaming PC directory was supposed to work - I know it does not :) This is a bug and will be fixed.
      Hiding PC Directory from UPnP clients is a planned feature, indeed it should not be difficult to implement.

      Regarding video: some people wrote parsers to create a layout from video based on filenames; but I guess that mostly works well for Series; an interesting thing would be imdb support. Next version will offer a playlist feature, it will support user configurable parsing of any ASCII based playlists; theoretically one could misuse that - define an own playlist format, write a tool to populate the playlist with imdb information for each movie.

      Streaming from a fifo socket is possible, but only with a little patch; I think someone already tried this. However we did not look into supporting this yet, I think that this will be taken care of in the release that will introduce transcoding.

      > however, be able to change "dvd" in the above as un-hidden, and have it appear on the menu.

      I did not quite understand that - who is hiding "dvd" in the first place? :) Actually you want to hide the PCDirectory,
      and then you need to modify the import script that it creates a "dvd" container with a PC Directory like structure and puts only video content into it.

      I think we can bring those two PC Directory related features in the next release, let's see :)



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