Mediatomb on dlink dns 323 NAS

  • ferno hensen

    ferno hensen - 2009-01-03


    I have Mediatomb running fine on my Dlink DNS-323 NAS but because I want to stream to my PS3 I would like to transcode MKV files to a playable format on the PS3 (latest firmware from sony).
    Does anybody have experince with transcoding on NAS devices?

    The DNS-323 has a quite speady 500Mhz processor but I do not know if it will be sufficient.

    At the moment I am testing mediatomb 11 on my dualcore linux server (mandriva 2008.1) and while it seems to work fine transcoding of the MKV files does not seem to work, I get a data stream not supported error.
    I am sure that it is something i did wrong, I have the mapping and the transcoding oprions in the config.xml but it still does not help, aslso changed the m2vp to m1vp but that did not help also.

    If anybody has tips it would be welcome.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2009-01-03

      As far as I know you do not want to transcode .mkv files, you only want to remux them (which is much faster anyway). Not sure if this can be done on the fly... there have been a couple of threads about that. Can't really help you with transcoder options - I do not use transcoding myself.

      Kind regards,

      • ferno hensen

        ferno hensen - 2009-01-04



        Anybody experience with this?

      • ferno hensen

        ferno hensen - 2009-01-04



        Anybody experience with this?

    • ferno hensen

      ferno hensen - 2009-01-12


    • James

      James - 2009-01-13

      I use a tool call mkv2vob (windows only though I'm afraid), that remuxes MKVs to AVCHD m2ts files. Doesn't do it on the fly, but you can add a whole directory of files and batch convert them. It's quick too as no transcoding is done. Just need to set up the m2ts mimetype in your config file as video/mpeg and away you go.
      Transcoding is more trouble that it's worth really on the PS3. You lose the ability to fast forward and rewind, and it can take ages to buffer if it even works at all. Simpler to remux everything really using mkv2vob.
      Google it.

  • Newbers

    Newbers - 2010-01-18

    I wonder if anyone is patient enough to help me here…?

    I have a DLink DNS 323 but have always had trouble with the UPNP server (I think it worked briefly once….)

    I'd like to try using Mediatomb on it but have no idea how to achieve this. Could anyone point me to a step by step guide as to how to achieve this. I'm guessing I need Linux skills (of which I have none!) but perhaps there is an easier way? I've read of Funplugs but don't really know what I'd do with one!

    Incidentally just before Christmas DLink released a firmware update which enables you to upload 'Add-ins' could this be something that could be used?

    Many thanks


  • Jin

    Jin - 2010-01-18

    Yes, I think you could go via these add-ins, at least I remember that someone created such an addin with MediaTomb, unfortunately I do not remember who it was or where to find it…

    I do not have a DNS 323 myself, so it's hard to do the testing…

    If you have shell access to your NAS, you could simply try the static package for arm that we have on our page, but considering the fact that I am not familiar with the DNS 323 I can not give you a detailed walkthrough on this.

  • boilerjt

    boilerjt - 2010-01-20

    The DNS-323 is ARM9 and I have a pretty stable SVN2017 build (in case you forgot :-))  The build and detailed instructions are here:

  • Jin

    Jin - 2010-01-21

    I did indeed forget, thanks for the reminder :)


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