Six Months Later.... New Version?

  • -DK-

    About 6 months ago I had asked if a new version of this was going to be released and I was told "soon...".

    Just curious if we are any closer to a new release for us to test out here.

    If not, is the project on hold, or worse *gulp* dead?

    I have seen very little action on the forums here so I am curious about where things are with the project.


    • Jin

      hehe :)
      well, that's why I never tell an exact release date ;)

      you are indeed right, the "soon" turned out to be not so soon after all.

      so here a quick update.

      Gena has moved to another country and left the project, Leo has joined the team and is currently working on the new UI.

      We decided to take nanotree and right now it is mostly integrated. (
      We have a working tree view, item editing functions are still missing.

      I moved the libupnp sources into our tree, the build system was adapted accordingly; so we now no longer depend on the external upnp library. I added a few patches and still have to fix some issues in the upnp sdk. At least you can expect working largefile support (applied an existing largefile patch which is now partially working, but some work still has to be done because the patch is not complete), the problem with SDK initalization from init scripts under Fedora Core 5 is also on my list.

      Apart from the new UI and the UPnP SDK fixes you can also expect the long awaited automatic-folder-rescan function.

      There will probably be some other minor fixes, but that's the outline for 0.9.0

      After that 0.9.1 will be on the way - and it will focus on contributed code. We received a contribution for UPnP CreateObject support and for content aggregation (importing metadata from other servers on the same network).

      So the project is definetely not dead :>

      But.. I still have not answered your question - "when"?

      I can only say what we plan for ourselves but I can not promise that we can hold the dates. The idea is to have 0.9.0 release before august. In august we will be on holidays in Greece, but we plan to work on 0.9.1 there, so if everything goes according to plan 0.9.1 will follow in september.

      The huge delay (actually almost a year since the last release) was mostly caused by Gena's move-away. Before he had to leave he made a lot of changes in the code - at the same time I was on holidays so I could not really follow his thoughts. So we ended up with a somewhat messy state, some of the changes were indeed good (like performance improvements), but some were unusable (the UI). At start it was not clear if he could continue to work on the project and months passed by rather quickly. In the end it became obvious that something had to be done, so I found a replacement, we studied the changes, dumped non working code and got everything back on track.

      With the 0.9.0 release we plan to move the sources to SF subversion, that should give a better overview to everyone on what is being worked on and if any work is being done at all.


      • > At least you can expect working largefile support
        > (applied an existing largefile patch which is now
        > partially working, but some work still has to be
        > done because the patch is not complete)

        If you would like help with active testing and maybe fixing the last problems, I would volunteer. But I would need a test version. (You still have no public CVS, do you?)

    • Jin

      Thanks for the offer; that's correct we still do not have public CVS. We plan to move to SF svn with the 0.9.0 release.

      Right now we know what the issues are and we are working on the fixes; once the whole thing is somewhat stabilized and usable I will gladly accept your offer and provide you with a version for testing.


      • Hi Jin,

        you know I'm also willing to test :-)

        FWIW, I don't think you have to wait for 0.9.0 in order to move to subversion. Just drop your current tree in there and let tschlabach, me and others test, experiment and possibly help out. You'll still have total control, but you could profit from the beta-tester community ;-) (you know, more use case scenarios, more platforms, more eyes reviewing the code).
        Let me also suggest to create a mailing list for development related discussions.

        I feel MediaTomb has enough momentum and a substantial number of users as well as developers that you can start exploiting ;-)

        Release early and often!


    • Jin

      Well :) You are absolutely right - "Release early and often!" - we already screwed that up :) Actually we were going to follow this idea but we got in a bit of a mess which became more severe with Gena's move-away.

      And that's the reason why I am not releasing the sources right now - we want to clean up the mess first. There is no point in beta-testing something that does not work, especially when we know that it does not work and for the most part know why it does not work :)

      We want to get back to a state where I can say: this is a working and stable code, feel free to build something on top of it, experiment and test.
      And we are getting there! There were times where development was completely stalled, but I can assure you that we are now back on track.

      Yes, you are right - momentum is important and I hope we won't lose it. But I would still like to stick to the plan that we outlined in the earlier postings. You can call me stubborn, but having the overview I feel like doing the right thing. Just give us time till the beginning of August, I want to have 0.9.0 out before I go to Greece.

      Good idea regarding the mailing list, I think we will set it up when we move the code.

      Thanks for your patience everyone :)

      • Hi Jin,

        please don't get me wrong. When I say "Release early and often" I am focusing on the "early" part. IOW, I am not complaining about not making a release more often, I am suggesting to "release" (through SVN) the code even if it is in the early state. You never know when a volunteer developer will pop up and say: "Hey I can do this sbu-task scheduled for end of July, is a patch" :-)

        Anyway, I totally understand that after all this months you want to stick to your plan.

        Keep up the good work.

        I wish we could meet in person when you come to Greece ;-)

    • -DK-

      Glad to hear that things are coming along for the project again. I am super eager to have a working Mediatomb and be able to get rid of the need for my Windows box to serve the D-Link.

      I look forward to the new version and hope to be able to help you out in the coming months.


    • Jin

      Hi everyone,

      I thought it's time for a small update.

      Allthough we wanted to bringt 0.9.0 out before August it got a little delayed. The good news is, that we are currently working full time to prepare the release. Our goal is to have it out before the 19th of August, but don't quote me on that ;)

      We are making good progress and I am confident that we will have something nice for you really soon :)


    • Hmmm...
      I'm more or less waiting for 0.9.0, curious if it is a good open-source replacement for Twonkymusic.

      Any idea when I can expect this version?

    • Jin

      Well... good question :) As you know we were expecting to be ready in August and did not make it. I added some news to recently, trying to explain the delays.

      Right now I can only say that we are doing our best, but I can not give any estimate - simply because I was wrong so many times when trying to guess a date.

      We plan to move the sources to SF svn before the release, so people can already have a look at what's there and start testing a "pre" version; however right now we are not quite there yet.

      I can only promise one thing: we learned from the past mistakes and we weill be doing smaller steps in the future: meaning - there will be more updates with smaller changes instead of huge reworks that take ages.

      For now - please have patience, that's all I can say :)


    • Thanks for the update. I wasn't aware of the homepage at so I missed the new information. Added the site to my bookmarks so I'll closely follow the progress... ;-)

      Better a good product with delay than a broken product on time. I'll be patient if you'll make it worth the wait... :-)

      Good luck,