Feature request: Support for XSUB generation

  • Radovan Skolnik

    Radovan Skolnik - 2009-11-13

    I found that PS3 (and other players) now support XSUB streams for subtitles - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DivX#DivX_Subtitles_.28XSUB.29 It would be great to add support for on-the-fly XSUB addition from .srt or .idx/.sub files - probably via transcoding options. It basically means to create additional stream holding the subtitles…

  • Jin

    Jin - 2009-12-03

    If you transcode the whole video, you can probably do this using VLC and an appropriate transcoding script.

    However, with transcoding you lose seeking support, so I suggest to insert the subtitles outside of MediaTomb before adding the media.

  • Radovan Skolnik

    Radovan Skolnik - 2009-12-03

    That is something I do not want to do - I have a lots of movies with subtitles in .srt/.idx+.sub that I would like to be visible when viewing on PS3.

    AFAIK VLC does not support adding XSUB. Now that I think about it, this should probably be an enhancement request for VLC or mencoder or …


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