Android doesn't see Mediatomb

  • laronov

    laronov - 2014-03-31

    I have installed Mediatomb on NAS4FREE.
    My Samsung TV and WD TV Live see and can play back video from it.
    But then I connect Android device in my network, it doesn't see my Mediatomb DLNA server.

    How can I setup Mediatomb, what would it be seen with Android, Samsung TV and WD TV Live?

    PS Android device see and can play back video from Mediatomb server by Samba.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2014-04-01

    is Android specifically asking for DLNA server? i ask this because Mediatomb is a UPNP server, not DLNA.

    try using a software app that is a UPNP client, for example UPnPlay.


  • laronov

    laronov - 2014-04-01

    unfortunately I have tried several media players (MediaHouse, UPnPlay, UPnPlayer and etc.)
    All of them see Windows 7 mediaserver, but didn't see Mediatomb

  • Pumbaa2

    Pumbaa2 - 2014-04-10

    I have no such issues. I have used MediaHouse and Bubble uPnP. Most Android Devices are cell phones... Make sure the device is connected to your WiFi, not 4G, 3G, etc. Make sure that uPnP is being forwarded to your LAN Device (Linux Systems being used as a router/gateway will generally attempt to forward that traffic to the default gateway (ie: internet)). Multicast routing can be found on this page:

    Look under "My UPnP player can not see MediaTomb, what is wrong?" which is about 1 page down from the top.


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