Parental Control

  • Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson - 2013-11-24

    We've kept our grownup movies off the media server, but would really like to do away with messing with discs all together, and implement some poor-man's parental control. I was thinking of a way to facilitate this.

    We always browse our directories using the PC directory. My idea was to create 10 directories name 0 to 0 with links back to the parent for 9 of the 10. In 1 of the 10 the stucture would be duplicated. I'd do this for 4 levels of directories so the user would have to browse the directories as if entering a pin. So for example, I'd have a grownup movie under 1/2/3/4/Harold_and_Kumar.mp4.

    I'm not sure if this will cause some hardship for mediatomb (guessing it's not big deal). But more importantly, I would like to exclude the directory 1/2/3/4 from showing up under "All Video" or "Directories" so the movies aren't browsable by any other means. Would any mediatomb guru know how I might facilicate this?



    • Richard Sandford

      Parental Control / Access Control

      Im having the same brain drain on this issue. And I have researched it to bits. So here goes. (And hopefully DLNA/uPNP developers are listening. )

      After reviewing the protocol standard, researching and querying it until blue in the face, I have come to the following drawn conclution.

      No One has even considered that Parental Control might be needed!???

      The DLNA 1.0 standard hasn't even come up with a universal authentication method to implement it. WTF?

      Of course they could steal SAMBA, SSH, SSL, MAC address, or just general 4digit pin entry and make it a working standard.

      Did they not think it might even be needed once all the qwrks were worked out?, transcoding issues resolved, standard implemented for hardware and TV's that are being pushed at us from far and wide. and they didn't think we would need it?


      Well, Like you , yes we need it. Movies come in multiple flavors , G,PG,R13,R16,R18,RBV (Really bl**dy violent!)

      And with no way of blocking it from the kids is crazy.

      (A problem im all to aware of givin a Samsung TV and kids that know what they are doing with a remote.)

      Im sure ... eventually, it will be implemented, but as the standard of DLMA 1.0...its not.

      Hopefully MediaTomb, can be the first to implement some sort of standaization and force the manufacturers to comply.

      But for right now... we have to find our own ways around it....

      Let us Prey to the Tomb and its monks to bring peace to this topic of evil. Bless he .. who listens and makes happen sooner rather than later.


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