Network stream as a shared file

  • Chris Duffy

    Chris Duffy - 2009-06-15

    I have an HDHomerun (awesome box, btw) which pushes out a network stream (udp 5000).

    I really want to share that stream over UPnP. I don't want to stream it and save it to a file or transcode it- I just want to have a file that I could choose to watch on my front end, and have the front end start receiving whatever the HDHR is pushing out at that moment.

    I've started looking into (and have had some very limited success) with using netcat and mknod, but I feel there has to be a better way.

    • Chris Duffy

      Chris Duffy - 2009-06-15

      Looking thought the SVN, it looks like this could be done using a new (quite simple) online service. Not sure though... just started looking at the code.

      What would be really trick would be to control the HDHR via what file was requested from the client. Easy way to change channels. The only way I know how to control it at the moment is via a command line utility but perhaps there's an API.

  • Jin

    Jin - 2009-12-04

    Why don't you simply add an "External URL" item via the web UI, pointing to your Homerun box? :) Make sure to set the mimetype and the upnp class correctly, I think that should do it.


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