kqueue support?

  • Josh Carroll

    Josh Carroll - 2008-04-03

    I'd really love to use the iNotify type of "scanning" with mediatomb, so I don't have to rely on a full scan or manually adding content. But it seems currently only Linux's inotify is supported.

    Are there any plans to support BSD's kqueue? I would be willing to work on a patch if others are interested and if the developers are not opposed to including kqueue support.


    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-04-03

      The current inotify architecture is currently somewhat complicated, so it would be a good time for us to check if it could be improved and made more generic. Adding another scan type to the current implementation would be a somewhat painful experience :>

      Thanks for the offer, I'll talk to Leo and I will come back to you on this.

    • Stuart

      Stuart - 2008-04-06

      How about the ability to browse directorys on the fly?

      I have one directory on my server dedicated to TV recordings and downloded video.  Files usually only gets watched once before they deleted.  Video comes from various sources, and accessed from various devices... I really dont need a database for this.


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