Feature Request: REmovable disks with media

  • Lyall Pearce

    Lyall Pearce - 2011-07-06

    I 'add' a directory to MediaTomb on my USB hard drive.

    Problem is, the hard drive is not always plugged in or powered on.

    MediaTomb seems to decide that the media has gone and promptly deletes the media from the database.

    Maybe, when adding a directory to have a checkbox which says 'removable media' and a 'prompt field' into which you can enter some text to describe the removable media that is required (eg. the 1TB black USB drive).

    Thus, if MediaTomb notices the top level directory was missing AND it is a 'removable media', it would not delete the media from the database.
    If, however, the top level directory does exist, and anything under the top level is missing, to delete as per current functionality.

    Should a media player request a media file which is not found AND the top level directory is marked as 'Removable' AND the Top level directory is also missing, then serve an 'unavailable media' video/audio instead.

    Of course, if there is an existing mechanism which does similar functionality, I am all ears :)


  • chowjok

    chowjok - 2011-08-27

    One way to do this is to write a wrapper script that checks if the drives are mounted, then start mediatomb. Or you could add the code to your init.d script.

  • Lyall Pearce

    Lyall Pearce - 2011-08-27

    Thanks for replying.

    I also have a network drive which I mount. I have noted that when I unmount that network drive, mediatomb gets nice and busy purging that drives data, then, when it comes back online, busy once again, re-adding all the data.

    My more current stuff is on an internal drive, so I still want mediatomb to be running, regardless of whether the USB drive or network drive are on-line.


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