Blackfin Processor

  • mathieu_padovani

    After a couple of days on my cross-compile chain ....
    I'm very glad to inform you that I succefully launched Mediatomb on
    "Blackfin One" platform ...
    Don't know if that had been already done, but could't find any reference so ...
    As Blackfin One is an Open source project ...
    means that Mediatomb works on a fully open source plateform, hardware & software !


    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-10-22


      Wow, that's some really cool news, thanks for the information! Did you have to change much/anything in our code or did it work "out of the box"?

      Kind regards,

    • mathieu_padovani

      it worked ... nearly out of the box ....
      An I have to congrat you for that !

      not a single patch in the source code at this time !

      Just had to 'configure' correctly without all the stuff which where not available on my cross-compile chain ...
      now I try to add the libs one by one ...
      id3lib is in progress !

      but I confirm that it just worked on the BF1 at the first time I launched the exe file !


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