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  • John Matthews

    John Matthews - 2011-10-15

    I have mediatomb that came installed on my NAS and try and use it from PS3 and DirectTV.  This software seems so buggy and its really riddled with issues that it astounds me that it is used so much.  The web UI seems to work fine sees all the files but when I try and see them using PS3 or DirectTV It will show me some files in any of the music pictures or video dirs.  It seems it has an issue with depth of folders i.e.  I my share I have the standard samba share point to /var/samba/public where in there I have music, pictures and video subs.  In say music I have music/Rock/Ben Harper/Fistful Of Mercy directory.  Well the PS3 can't see the files and won't click into that directory.  But at the music/Ben Harper/ directory I have a bunch of mp3s there and it sees them fine.  And it seems any other directory that is 4 levels deep.  I get the same issue in pictures too, pictures/2011/SanAntonio/Alamo can't click into directory but can see the same pictures I moved to pictures/2011/SanAntonio.   I have permissions set to wide open which is something I abhor for security reasons but this piece of garbage requires it.  So if you can help me I would appreciate it otherwise I think I will un-install this and go with something that actually works.

  • Lyall Pearce

    Lyall Pearce - 2011-10-15

    I use MediaTomb with PS3 quite successfully.
    Half the problem is the PS3 is quite fussy about the format of content it will play. MP3 is fine, xvid is fine, mkv is not, for example. You have to setup mediatomb translation to transform unsupported formats.
    My directories are 4 levels deep, eg. videos/tvshowname/season#/episodes.
    Admittedly I use the folder structure, as opposed to genre, etc.

  • John Matthews

    John Matthews - 2011-10-16

    It has nothing to do with the type of files they are.  As soon as I move them up a directory level then they are seen on that 3rd Level, and this goes for Mp3, JPG, avi…you name it.  Files that it should see but won't go beyond 4 levels of directories or 7 levels if you include the full directory pathlike …  /var/samba/public/music/Rock/A Perfect Circle/Mer De Noms/  And like I said its not just PS3 but DirectV does the same thing too.  So I am leaning towards Mediatomb is the issue.

  • Lyall Pearce

    Lyall Pearce - 2011-10-17

    Using the mediatomb web interface, my media is in /home/myname/Videos/Show/Season/media.avi

    Mediatomb usually runs as it's own user, or it does on my system. Does the mediatomb user have suitable read permissions on the media, and all parent directories (read on media, read-execute on directories)?
    ie, if you can't read directory Rock, you won't see anything underneath it.


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