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D. Starr
  • D. Starr

    D. Starr - 2008-10-12

    Hi all..

    I'm getting this error on many videos when trying to import. They work normally (in Totem) and all users have read access. What could be the reason?

    2008-10-12 01:06:36 WARNING: skipping /media/tomb/television/Discovery Channel/Discovery.Amazing.Earth.Pt1of2.DivX511-AC3.avi : Failed to stat /media/tomb/television/Discovery Channel/Discovery.Amazing.Earth.Pt1of2.DivX511-AC3.avi

    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-10-12

      Are you really sure regarding the read access?

      Are you running MT as daemon or as normal user?

      I added a more detailed output to these messages in SVN (errno interpretation) which should make clearer on why exactly the stat function failed. In most cases it will be a permission problem though...


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