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  • Ash Christopher

    Ash Christopher - 2005-05-31

    Maybe this has already been covered, or maybe it has already been implemented in an upcoming release (0.8) but I thought I would ask anyways.

    Instead of having a ~/.mediatomb/ directory, where all of my configuration settings are stored, I was hoping to have something maybe like /etc/mediatomb/ where I could store settings. This way, I could have a central place for settings.

    I have created a init.d script that I was wanting a jailed user (in this case mediatomb) to run the actual media server. I don't want to have a /home/mediatomb user dir though for the mediatomb settings.

    Any ideas on how to get this to work on 0.7.1? Or if this has been taken care of in 0.8? And if so, when 0.8 might be released?

    Thanks, and keep up the great work.

    • Ash Christopher

      Ash Christopher - 2005-05-31

      I took a look at the source and I guess I could change it to meet my needs (, however you guys would probably be more knowledgable about what that might affect, and if it is already updated in the new release, no sense in me re-inventing the wheel  =).

    • Jin

      Jin - 2005-06-01


      thanks for your feedback.

      good point indeed, I will add this to 0.8 - so we will first search in the user homedir and then take a look at /etc/

      of course you can use the -c parameter and put your configuration wherever you like... so even now there is not really a need to patch 0.7.x because you can just use mediatomb -c /etc/mediatomb/config.xml in your init.d script

      anyway... 0.8 will introduce daemon mode and setuid features, and we also received a contribution of an init.d script, so your idea regarding the configuration makes sence.

      regarding the release date... basically everything for 0.8.0 is done, so we probably need only one or two coding sessions in the evening to nail it down. I can not promise that we will find the time during the week, but I am confident that we can make it over the weekend.


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