Minimum power needed for mediatomb?

  • David Goolsby

    David Goolsby - 2008-10-25

    What's the minimum power needed to use mediatomb well?  I've currently got a server box using an older VIA EPIA mobo with FreeBSD on it.  I've been planning on upgrading the OS and thinking about maybe just getting a new mobo too, something with SATA on it and whatnot.  Trying to decide between the cheaper, more powerful Intel Atom mobo, but it's also a powerhog, or pay more for a passively cooled VIA mobo, it'd have a 1Ghz C7 on it.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-10-25

      Well, have a look at the NSLU2 specs - I think this is one of the "weakest" and most low power devices. However, importing large music collections takes..ehem... days on that device :) We are trying to improve the import speed, but even after some speedup that will be introduced in 0.12 it will still be not good enough.

      Are you unhappy with your EPIA?

      Kind regards,

    • David Goolsby

      David Goolsby - 2008-10-29

      Not really unhappy, I just need to upgrade my OS, I'm running an old version of FreeBSD at the moment, so I'll either upgrade to that, or thinking about going ubuntu.  It sounds like power wise, what I've got now will do fine for mediatomb, I'm just thinking I may need to replace the HD at some point, I've been running this one 24/7 for over 2 years in a fanless box, and if I change drives, I'm stuck with IDE with this mobo, and I also want to go gigabit on the NIC now that I've got more devices that will use it.  I guess I could just track down where I hid the PCI daughterboard for my case and put in a PCI NIC, and just use my current drive.  Shrug.  What can I say, I like to solve problems with money, heh.  But if this old 533Mhz VIA EPIA5000EAG will do the trick, then that was the thing I was worried about the most.


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