Mediatomb problems

  • JuPe

    JuPe - 2008-08-01

    Just installed mediatomb for the first time on Ubuntu 8.10.
    I'm facing few problems with the mediatomb.

    First is that it wont start up:
    When I install it starts up nicely and I can add everything into mediatomb.
    After next start up web page won't come up any more.
    I noticed that it's running in the background so I changed all the startup scripts in /etc/rc?.d to s20mediatomb so it won't startup automaticaly in next start up.
    Then I start mediatomb from terminal manually (no errors) but mediatomb webpage doesn't come up.

    Second problem.
    I'm trying to change the IP address for the URL from to but it always changes back to the old one. Why is that?
    Second problem is not related to the first. I have both IP's on my computer.

    Thank you in advance for you help,

    • JuPe

      JuPe - 2008-08-01

      OK, I did some changes and got it to work.
      I left /etc/rc?.d/ to lower case s20 so mediatomb won't start by it self.
      I added in System>Preferences>Session
      - mediatomb
      - mediatomb -e eth0
      - fileserver

      No it comes up automaticly to correct interface and works.


    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-08-01

      Sorry for not being responsive, I am currently on holidays without a permanent internet connection.

      Regarding the IP and the web interface: it will always use the IP in the URL to which the server is bound do (i.e. either via -i or -e).

      Kind regards,


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