Support for utf8 file name

  • fx

    fx - 2012-03-23

    it will be nice if this feature was implemented, so i will be able to see all my files

  • Henrik Holst

    Henrik Holst - 2012-03-31

    It works for me so perhaps this is a compile or OS related problem?

  • Bram Bouwens

    Bram Bouwens - 2013-02-19

    I'm afraid I also see problems there: the client sees UTF-8 codes that are UTF-8 encoded again.
    Check for example files.

    See the mediatomb-utf8.png image.

    I'm working completely in UTF-8…:

    /home/media/music/Bläck Fööss/A Capella% ls
    Bläck Fööss - Bütz mich (Hello my baby).mp3  Bläck Fööss - Kaffeeklatsch bei Tante Linchen.mp3
    Bläck Fööss - Dat Wasser vun Kölle.mp3       Bläck Fööss - Kölle du uns Stadt am Rhing.mp3
    Bläck Fööss - Die Profis vun d'r Eierquell.mp3   Bläck Fööss - Männer.mp3
    Bläck Fööss - Du bes dä neue Dach (New Day).mp3  Bläck Fööss - MGV Concordia.mp3
    Bläck Fööss - Et Wohrzeichen vun Kölle.mp3   Bläck Fööss - Polizeistund.mp3
    Bläck Fööss - Guter Mann.mp3             Bläck Fööss - Sie liebt dich-Komm gib mir deine Hand.mp3
    Bläck Fööss - Homeless.mp3           Bläck Fööss - Willi Ostermann Songs in der Parodie.mp3
    Bläck Fööss - Jode Naach.mp3             Bläck Fööss - Wochemaat en Kölle.mp3
    Bläck Fööss - Joden Dach.mp3
    /home/media/music/Bläck Fööss/A Capella% id3v2 -list Bläck\ Fööss\ -\ Bütz\ mich\ \(Hello\ my\ baby\).mp3
    id3v1 tag info for Bläck Fööss - Bütz mich (Hello my baby).mp3:
    Title  : Bütz mich (Hello my baby)      Artist: Bläck Fööss               
    Album  : A Capella                       Year:     , Genre: Unknown (255)
    Comment:                                 Track: 5
    id3v2 tag info for Bläck Fööss - Bütz mich (Hello my baby).mp3:
    TRCK (Track number/Position in set): 5
    TALB (Album/Movie/Show title): A Capella
    TCON (Content type): rock_pop (255)
    TLEN (Length): 203911
    TPE1 (Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)): Bläck Fööss
    TIT2 (Title/songname/content description): Bütz mich (Hello my baby)

    See the mp3 file.

    I have my doubts about how the data is stored in the database, see the db file.
    See also the config file.

    With mysql I get the same effect.

    System info:

    Fedora 17

  • Bram Bouwens

    Bram Bouwens - 2013-02-20

    Oh bugger, I see it now… I incorrectly assumed that id3v2 would produce correct tags, it doesn't.
    It happily puts UTF-8 content into the MP3-file, which is possible with ID3 v 2.4, but apparently it doesn't put
    the code in there to mark it as such. Therefore the clients (none of them supporting 2.4 yet either) assume the
    content is ordinary ISO-8859-1 - sigh.
    So apparently I should change the content to either ISO-8859-1, or UCS-2, which are both in ID3v2.3


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