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ps3 and wd 1tb mybook

  • mark connor

    mark connor - 2008-06-20

    Hi all

    first my story
    I personally have no clue on how to use linux so a friend of mine installed mediatomb on my western digital 1tb mywook world edition using the install instructions at the following link

    the ps3 see the files but unsupported format appears next to it, on jpegs mp3 and avi files.

    have since found this link
    chatting about a patch,but not yet fowarded it my my friend. was hoping someone could point me in the right direction

    i understand that other people may have asked this question and if this i a repeat i am very sorry.

    thanks to anyone that can help

    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-06-21

      This link is actually quite old, a lot has been done since then. Basically you need to add some extra stuff in the config.xml of MediaTomb to enable PS3 support, the forums are full of questions and answers regarding this.

      The 0.11 version has some comments in the config.xml which are marked "uncomment this for PS3 support", so the only thing you will have to do is - well, to uncomment those sections in the config.xml. After that restart the server, I'd also reimport the media (because of the avi mimetype mappings).

      Which version did your friend install?

      You could also try using the Optware feeds, this may be somehwat easier.

      Kind regards,

    • mark connor

      mark connor - 2008-06-21

      hey jin, thanks for the reply,
      to be honest i have no idea what version got installed

      what are the optware feeds that  u mentioned??

    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-06-22

      Just google for mybook optware, you will find plenty of links and instructions; basically this is a package repository available for a large number of devices.

    • mark connor

      mark connor - 2008-07-23



      one month on and this is still a problem for me, everything is still exactly the same. media tomb is installed from the version listed on the link above, I have no idea what version of media tomb,
      playstation can see media tomb under listed media servers bt every single format whether it be mp3, jpeg or avi is listed on the screen is unsupported data.
      hav had many words with "mate" who installed it and now he wants nothing to do with the project any more due to work commitments, leaving me up the creek without aa paddle

      if anyone in the basingstoke area of the uk could help me out or put me in touch with anyone who can help get this sorted i will be forever greatful. i am of course willing to pay to get the done



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