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  • Black

    Black - 2010-02-02

    Hi folks,
    I am wondering if anybody has a ready working setup for PS3 and a linux (Ubuntu karmic) server. Of course I could read through all the well documented wiki, but I thought I may as well just ask and maybe somebody has already invented the wheel?!

    I am interessted in RAW pictures, FLAC and AAC and MP3 audio files as well in all the different video formats (MKV, DIVX, H264, etc.)
    As I am not sure if this forum supports attachments I provide my email address here, so that you can email it to me:

    Thanks for helping me out on this.


  • rcabrera

    rcabrera - 2010-02-03

    try this….
    It was updated about a month ago for 9.10, and he did a really good job.
    I'm thinking what your needing is near the middle/bottem the (Transcodeing profile and editing the .cfg)


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