Yamaha RX V2700

  • Dan O'Halloran

    Dan O'Halloran - 2007-11-03

    Has anyone successfully seen the mediatomb server on a Yamaha Receiver?

    My setup.
    Server: Fedora Core 6
    Version: MediaTomb 0.10.0
    AV Receiver; Yamaha RX V2700

    Here is a snapshot of the config log.
      $ ./configure --with-id3lib-libs=/usr/include/id3/ --with-id3lib-libs=/usr/include/id3/ --enable-protocolinfo-extension --enable-tombdebug --enable-upnpdebug

    ## --------- ##
    ## Platform. ##
    ## --------- ##

    hostname = linx.drohalloran.com
    uname -m = i686
    uname -r =
    uname -s = Linux
    uname -v = #1 SMP Thu Sep 27 17:45:57 EDT 2007

    I can not see the server on my receiver. I can see it on my PC using Yahoo Music Juke Box and I can see it on my Directv HR20.  So I know it is available on the network and I have no firewall issues.

    Here is a the server settings from my config.xml file.

        <ui enabled="yes">
          <accounts enabled="no" session-timeout="30"/>
        <storage driver="sqlite3">
        <protocolInfo extend="yes"/>   
            <add header="X-User-Agent: redsonic"/>

    I am also having problems playing music on the Yahoo Music Juke box so I am doing something wrong and I don't know what.
    Any help would be great.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-11-03

      OK, I assume that your Yamaha player is a UPnP device?

      And why would you do that? --with-id3lib-libs=/usr/include/id3/ :) giving the include path to libs? BTW it looks in /usr/include/id3 by default, so you do not need to specify those options for a default installation. But that's not related to the problem that you are seeing...

      I do not know anything about the Yahoo Music Jukebox; basically you need devices that support the UPnP protocol and even that does not guarantee that everything will work smootly - we have witnessed a number of devices that had buggy firmware or various issues.

      Why are you using the redsonic settings? Usually you only need those for D-Link products.

      Anyway... I assume you can ping the Yamaha device from your server PC? If you are convinced that the Yamaha device supports UPnP, the only thing that could clarify the problem would be a wireshark log.

      Please shutdown/poweroff all UPnP devices on your network, start the wireshark capture, start MediaTomb, then power on the Yamaha player, wait a little, then save the log in pcap format and send it to me. I should at least see if your player attempts to find any UPnP servers, and if yes, if something is going wrong.

      You were mentioning problems with the Yahoo Jukebox, what kind of problems?

      Kind regards,

      • Dan O'Halloran

        Dan O'Halloran - 2007-11-04

        The with id3lib was because I was having problems with files with apostorphe's in the name.  It was more of a trial and error thing.
        Yahoo Music Juke box I got working and it is a UPnP device.
        My Yamaha Receiver  is a UPnP device and I know it is on the network since I am able to get to my music if I use Twonky Media Server. That is why it was Frustrating that I could not see the Media Tomb Server with my Yamaha.

        My network Config. -> Router. -> Linux Fedora Core 6 server with Media Tomb on it. -> Yamaha Receiver.

        I sent the message with the Wireshark attachment via replying to the email I got from sourceforge.

        Thanks for the prompt reply.


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