Howto Run in the background?

  • lotso

    lotso - 2005-06-08

    Even though there's some issues with running mediatomb (with regard to DSM-320) I have one grouse. That is the need to run it via a screen session.

    This is not the way to go, I know jin is working on 0.8 release which might make this go away. I would still like to know if there's any solution to get it to run NON-interactively.

    Eg: I would just like to have a server (which already runs freevo) and to have mediatomb to run automatically in the background so that my DSM can contact it. and to have it automatically restart if it dies off. (which seems to be quite often with this combo)

    Anyone has any solutions? Can one script a screen session? I was thinking to do it via inittab/cron.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2005-06-08

      at present it really does not work.. I tried it myself.

      daemon functionality is already implemented for 0.8 we are in the final phase, actually preparing the virtual container script - that is the last thing that is missing for the first 0.8 release.

      I know we wanted to bring it out last weekend but well :) That's why I never promise fix release dates hehe

      Maybe we should move our cvs to sourceforge in the future, so you guys could check out development versions/nightly builds.. I have to talk to Gena about that...

      For now.. please stay patient :)

    • lotso

      lotso - 2005-06-08

      I know it doesn't work. I too tried it, was just wondering if its possible to script it via inittab/cron.

      But if it's gonna take another week to get 0.8 to come out, Then I'll wait (it's not like I have too much of a say in this right? Just Kidding. U do Good Job! W/o u we won't have Linux UPNP media server)

      If 0.8 will work with AVI w/o the hiccups it'll even be better.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2005-06-08

      Well, you can make an init script that would start mediatomb in screen, that is possible... take a look at the screen man page, i do not remember it by heart, but it has an option where you can start screen and tell it to automatically launch something inside it

      about the DSM and AVI hiccups... it's not MediaTomb.. it's the UPnP SDK, so no MediaTomb version will be able to fix that.

      So I think we should prepare a package with libupnp for DSM320 users. I'll take a look at it after the release... however it's not so easy for me, because I do not own a DSM320 unit, I however can gain access to one when I need to test something.


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