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DSM-320 & JPEG Files

  • Nate

    Nate - 2006-06-24

    I am fairly new to Linux and just recently was successful in installing the Mediatomb package and linking it with the MySQL database on my Fedora Core 5 system.  I have a DSM-320 that works great on audio files, but on certain JPEG files in Mediatomb, the DSM-320 gives an error stating that the file type is not supported.  However, Dlink Media Server loads the file just fine on the DSM-320.  It seems that larger JPEG files give the error 7.0MP and greater, but there are different cameras involved and they might use different JPEG compression schemes or something like that.  Anybody else experience this issue?

    • Jin

      Jin - 2006-06-26

      does the DSM-320 show the file as a picture file in the list? if not it may be related to a wrong mimetype setting.

      or is it that it really tries to load but then refuses to show the file?


    • Nate

      Nate - 2006-07-09

      It's the latter.  The files show up in the database and in the filelist shown on the TV with the DSM-320.  Upon clicking on the file, it chugs for a little bit and then refuses to show the file and displays their Nero advertisement for converting files.  I think the mimetypes are fine.  They appear as similar records in the database with pictures that do work.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2006-07-10

      hmm, that's indeed strange, could you by chance e-mail me such a JPEG file?

      • unngh abunga

        unngh abunga - 2009-06-20

        Was there ever a resolution to the problem described in this thread?  Three years on :-), and I find I am experiencing almost the exact same thing.  I find that on my DSM-320 divx videos are playing fine, but none of my photos display thumbnails in the listing page and 9 of 10 give the error message that mrtempus1 is describing when I try to view them.

        I am running the mediatomb from the ubuntu repository and I am using some medibuntu packages as will.

  • Anonymous - 2011-07-31

    Same issue here.


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