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  • Jin

    Jin - 2008-10-19

    > 1) The Active Item will go off (and fires the script) -
    > meaning the demo script will go from "Turn On" to
    > "Turn Off" - but will never toggle back to "Turn On".
    > Works great first time after you create it. I also
    > tried manually setting all the properties back to the
    > "Turn On" state and it still did not toggle back to
    > "Turn Off".

    This may be a bug in the script, after all I did not test it for quite a long time; the main idea is - the script parses the XML that it gets from the standard input, updates the XML and sends it back to standard output. The server then updates the item based on the received XML. So, what you should check is - is the script sending the correct XML back?

    You can write the script in any language, it can also be a binary app, so code it in whatever you are good at.

    >2) On the PS3, the Active Item will only show up
    > under Photos even though I added it to Video and it
    > shows up as "Unsupported Data". Clicking or playing
    > the item from the PS3 does not fire the script
    > even if it has just been created. Makes no
    > difference if you use a class type of
    > object.item.activeItem or object.item.imageItem.

    Can't tell you much about the PS3, I guess it may depend on the content that you used - i.e. if you used a an image (the PS3 will see that based on the mimetype and DLNA profile information), then it may refuse to show it elsewhere, I really have no idea. Normal players will show the layout as it is presented by the server, the PS3 has lots of unnecessary limitations.

    > The wget on
    > simply downloads the jpeg that was defined in the
    > Active Item Location property.

    I probably should add this information somewhere: only the first (original) resource - resource 0 - triggers the script, you requested resource 1 which is probably the thumbnail?

    And then, the XML looks pretty wrong, did you modify the original trigger script? It seems that the string that was set by the script got into the mimetype field. I did not check that, I'll have another look if this also happens here.

    Kind regards,

  • Bill

    Bill - 2008-10-24

    That's great, I'd like to hear what you find out.

    As for #1, I had code at the beginning of the script that writes something to a file - and closes the file (yep). That's how I was able to detect when it would fire and when it would not.

    I'm not following you on the resource bit. Maybe it would be good to have that explained somewhere.

    The only think I changed was the image file which I just stole from MT (mt-icon32.jpeg I believe).

    Much thanks,

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