Anonymous - 2007-06-03

For Windows, so far Yahoo! Music Jukebox has been the most promising--I can connect to Media Tomb and browse through containers, but the Artist field is blank.  All of the media files are MP3.

1. Does anybody have any idea why the Artist field would be blank and what I could try to fix it?

2. Are there any other renderers or players that someone could recommend for Windows?

I don't expect rendering on Linux to be a problem, but haven't got into that yet.  I used to run Subsonic on my Linux box / server, but since my electricity rates just got jacked up, I have been working to move several functions to an NSLU2 running Debian.  Needless to say, the NSLU2 does not have enough memory to run Tomcat + JVM needed for Subsonic, and no way to add more memory.