file objects: have you tried mozjs17 ?

  • Anonymous - 2013-03-06


    I'm working now with the people from mozilla at
    they told me to stop working on libjs-1.8.1 with the JS_HAS_FILE_OBJECT stuff & try the latest version, with what they call ctypes :

    "have you considered using a newer JS engine + ctypes for your file stuff?"
    Ctypes is a way of accessing native shared libraries via JS.
    So you'd use it to grab fopen, fread, or whatever from

    they gave me this link for the laaaaatest mozjs libraries :
    here is the draft covering spidermonkey 17 :

    do you think ctypes (if you know what it is) can be a way to open files with libjs (or whatever they call it now : mozjs), replacing the old JS_HAS_FILE_OBJECT method ?

  • Anonymous - 2013-03-06

    here is the top ctypes page :

    they give another way to open files :

    To load a Library, use

    they told me to ask you if you will enable ctypes in your JS build configuration (the option is -enable-ctypes) ?


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