Streamium MC-i200 doesn't see Mediatomb

  • turbodog

    turbodog - 2006-02-22

    I'm trying to use Mediatomb under Linux with my Philips Streamium MC-i200, but the Streamium never seems to see it.

    The Streamium *does* see the Philips Media Manager (PMM) software running on a different Windows XP box. Also, the Intel UPNP tools running on the XP box do see the Mediatomb instance.

    I've enabled the multicast route on eth0.

    The Streamium is connected to my network via wireless bridge (Netgear WGE101).

    Finally, all devices are on a private subnet with no firewall between any devices.

    • turbodog

      turbodog - 2006-02-22

      D'oh! Forgot to actually ask my question: any ideas what I could try next?

    • Jin

      Jin - 2006-02-22


      I am sorry to disappoint you, but the MC-i200/MC-i250 does not support UPnP. It runs a proprietary Philips protocol, PMM implements that in addition to UPnP.

      You could try this if you want to run your MC-i200 with a Linux server:

      MediaTomb works very nicely with the SL-300i, SL-400i and the MX-6000i Streamium devices (those are UPnP mediarenderers)


    • turbodog

      turbodog - 2006-02-22

      Ack! I had no idea. Thanks for the reply and the link Jin.


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