id3lib vs taglib

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-04-10

    Hi, I've been working with MediaTomb for a while now, and I've been struggling to get satisfactory MP3 import results. It's a real shame coz the thing I like best about MediaTomb is the scriptability to get a custom database structure.

    I'm running 12.0svn2018 under Ubuntu 9.10; my compile info says id3lib is disabled, and taglib is enabled.

    Only a fraction of the ID3 tags in my files are read, and the 2 I absolutely need (compilation, album artists) are not read, even when I've added all possible tag codes to the <auxdata> in my config. I've debugged my setup and have echoed out all of the tags in the obj.aux object, so I know my conig is right and it's not a full set.

    As it is now, albums are fragmented into many entries, based on the artists playing on a particular track, or the artists section is littered with entries for artists with a single album and track under them.

    I want to switch to using id3lib. My reading of the docs says this can't be done without recompiling the app from source. Is that correct?

    I started down the path of recompiling, and then ran into the libjs / xulrunner issue (can't install libjs, as its completely deprecated and breaks a number of other things, Firefox, Gnome etc), so compiling from curent source with js enabled is not possible.

    Before I look at a patch that Raik Bieniek wrote to allow MediaTomb to use xulrunner ( , can anyone who is using id3lib comment on what tags it can read vs taglib? Am I wasting my time trying this tactic? I haven't had much experience compiling from source (or applying diff files, for that matter ;-).

    Many thanks for any light other users can shed.

  • paddler247

    paddler247 - 2011-04-10

    Hi, not sure if this answers your question as my mediatomb uses taglib but I got album artist working as I posted a couple of  days ago in Unfortunately it needs a source patch because mediatomb doesn't seem to do well with multiple TXXX frames in auxdata. I assume the compilation tag can be solved in a similar way, I suggest to use "Perry's ID3 Tag Viewer" to see how and in which frame it is encoded.

    My opinion is that there is no way around compiling from source unless you use alternate ID3 tags like ie. TPE2 ("Band") for album artist.


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