• Henrik Sekuj

    Henrik Sekuj - 2010-03-23

    I have a pentium 4 with debian and mediatomb 0.11. I am trying to get working the avi playback in my dreambox 500, which has not any avi support, but it can play mpg, vob and ts very well. so I thought to make mediatomb doing a transcode. Latest sif image enigma 1 has the upnp plugin, that works with djmount.
    Can anyone tell me the config file for a complete transcoding from avi to mpg with vlc ?

  • Jin

    Jin - 2010-03-28

    The avi->mpeg transcoding profile is already in the default configuration, it's called "vlcmpeg", you just have to make sure that you have VLC installed on your system and then just enable the transcoding part and that profile.

  • Henrik Sekuj

    Henrik Sekuj - 2010-03-29

    thank you for the help.

    This problem is more complicated, but it must be the model for the good working.

    The dreambox  500 plays mpg, ts, trp, mp3 and vob(without audio). But it does not play them if are renamed, eg cannot plays a ts if I rename it as a mpg, a trp if renamed as mpg dreambox does not play it ! it need exact format with proper extension.

    Other problem is djmount does not do a good working with filenames, not talking that it add an inutile m3u extension which complicates all. Long file names especially with dots have to be renamed.

    So transcoding starts but it is not correct, nothing displyed except logo. I think that it if djmount reports files as mpg, and a proper mpg is streamed from mediatomb & vlc, this may work, do you think so?

    It is strange that developers added djmount as plugin, but no information about it neither that it works or not

  • Jin

    Jin - 2010-03-29

    I don't think I can help you here, if you select the files via djmount then it's being played from djmount, you can't select the file in djmount but play it directly from MediaTomb. So if djmount screws up the filenames and does  other weird stuff - I don't see how you could work around this.

    Does your dreamcast player support streaming from an URL?

  • Henrik Sekuj

    Henrik Sekuj - 2010-03-29

    As I saw newest images(during june-september 2009) that insert upnp client server functionalities, I thought to choose a representative upnp mediaserver like mediatomb is. At beginning my goal was to trancode avi's, but later considering the possibilities of mediatomb, was to use for many other formats like wmv's etc. I am convinced that problem is to djmount and these images has not a direct access of upnp.But if djmount is added, why do not work ? A good beginning would be that djmount add a mpg extension to files in mediatomb instead of m3u extension. Or to report correctly long filenames, because idea is to keep mediafiles untouched.

    About your question, I'll navigate between several plugin, but please tell me the requirements or if is possible to make transcoding occurs in mediatomb

  • Jin

    Jin - 2010-03-30

    But if djmount is added, why do not work ?

    Why do you ask me this? :) I did not write djmount and I surely did not write the dreambox player, I can only help you with MediaTomb. And that usually involves having a UPnP capable player that browses the server directly.

    Did you read the transcoding documentation on and do you understand the basic idea of how it's supposed to work? Understanding the whole scheme will help a lot when trying to figure out why it is failing.


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