Installer for normal people?

  • NineNine

    NineNine - 2007-12-30

    Are there any plans for making a one step installer or live CD for MediaTomb?  I'd love to use it, but it's entirely too complicated for me.  It's way over my head.  I found MediaTomb via using FreeNas.  So I guess I was kind of expecting FreeNas level of simplicity and usability (absolutely incredible!).  Any chance of that happening any time in the foreseeable future for MediaTomb?

    • Jin

      Jin - 2007-12-30

      Well, adding our repositories and issuing a "yum install mediatomb" or "apt-get install mediatomb" is as easy as it can get :)

      The problem with a live CD is - we need to store the database somewhere, so we need access to a writable storage.

      Of course you can simply get something like the Bubba Mini Server with a preinstalled version of MediaTomb.

      Btw we are also working on getting into the major distributions, so far we are only in Mandriva, let's see if we can get into Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu - then MediaTomb could be installed even more easily.

      And one missing feature is of course - configuration of the server via the web UI, for now you have to edit the config.xml file to adjust the settings which is indeed not very user friendly.

    • swift11

      swift11 - 2008-01-25

      A nice solution would be to use autopackage


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