New webqui looking very good...

Erik Bies
  • Erik Bies

    Erik Bies - 2008-02-22

    I saw the work on the new webGUI from the SVN.
    I must say it looks very good!

    I like the scrolling speed in large 'directories' it seems to be faster than in the current gui. The navigator in the left seems (for my little notebook) however much slower... CPU is sky high.

    The edit dialog could be a bit bigger to my taste, or even better... resizable.

    Anyway.. great work

    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-02-22

      Ah, so you figured out how to test it :)

      The UI was done by Jan Habermann and it is not yet finished, so all credit goes to him. The tree is based on the "ext" library and it indeed appears to be somewhat slower than the current one.

      Updates are not yet working and a lot of details need to be worked out, basically that was Jan's first working draft, we will probably start with a full integration after the upcoming release is out.

      Kind regards,

    • Erik Bies

      Erik Bies - 2008-02-22

      Yep.. figured that out... ;)
      also that indeed many 'actions' are not working yet.. it is clearly work in progress.
      I guess that using the extJS lib will make future enhancements to the gui somewhat easier.

      Anyway.. Good work by Jan then


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