Piloo - 2011-12-04

I'm running Mediatomb (windows PC Win Vista Ed Fam + Firefox)
It works basically good but i have some problems when i want to add some directories and files (mp3 or flac files)

For example :
On de NAS DLink DNS320 /Volume_/Common files/multimedia/music/folk/ , i recently added two news directories.
The first one was "Singer One/DiskOne/music file 01, 02, 03 .FLAC
The second one was "Singer Two/DiskAAA/fles A,B,C, .FLAC

When i look through the MEDIATOMB web interface-Filesystem, i can see both new directories : It's  OK    BUT

Even if i click on the "+" (without arrows)  :for the two new directories (level singer or disks)
1 ) I can read the "update database message" in the windows File system
2)  I only can see the first directory wich have been added.

If i try again to add the second one (just this one, alone) i get the same result.

I've looked at the permissions on the files and directories but they seems to be equal (via fle explorer windows)

Can someone explain what append with some dir or files and how to "force" the update of de db?

I have more than 500  cd and would like to be sure every file  is wel at the right place without check it.

Already tks a lot