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Freecom Music Pal - is it i recommendable?

  • Andreas Haberl

    Andreas Haberl - 2008-11-20


    I just set up the mediatomb server on my intrepid ibex server and a first test with my PS3 worked fine.

    I want to buy an audio-renderer for my daughter. At the moment I prefer the Freecom Music Pal. Are there any known issues in combination with mediatomb or does it work just fine?

    regards anderl

    • emm_is

      emm_is - 2008-11-20

      The Freecom Music Pal works just fine with mediatomb. Its actually a great device, very good value for money. The only issue is that at volume levels > 75% the box can buzz (physically and audibly) , especially with female voices on low bit rates like the 20Kbs for Radios 4's wma streams. Not a problem for a bedroom radio, can be an issue in a kitchen.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2008-11-20

      One thing to look out for: does the MusicPal work with enabled PS3 settings?

      Maybe you could try setting the protocolInfo tag to "yes" in the config.xml and check if it still works, I think that'd be important for Andreas since he wants to use both devices.

      • Andreas Haberl

        Andreas Haberl - 2008-11-20

        The PS3 is not an issue. I just used it for testing. If there should be any trouble with the protocolInfo tag, I can reset it to "no".

    • Andreas Haberl

      Andreas Haberl - 2008-11-22

      I received the MusicPal today. I had only time for a quick test, but the MusicPal recognized the mediatomb-server right away and played the mp3s smoothly.

      And the protocolInfo tag is still set to "yes".



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