Just give up Keep-Alive libupnp

  • jason

    jason - 2005-11-17

    Hi All,

    I have to give up the Keep-Alive for Intel libupnp mini web server, because that does not work and very very poor http stream performance from it.

    And I take the suggestion of Jin, to use external web server, for example Apache, a very good http server in the world, it works perfect with Mediatomb.

    • Jin

      Jin - 2005-11-17

      I have to admit that I still did not have the time to look at it. But indeed, it is very questionable on how much effort should be put into the SDK...

      Regarding external web servers: the purpose of my suggestion to do a test with Apache was to find out if the DSM320 would lose connection or not.

      I think it would be difficult to use an external server to stream all media from MediaTomb. Here is the reason: when we receive an HTTP request we look at the URL. Special data is encoded there - the ID of the object in the database, the resource index and things like that. Based on that data MediaTomb then decides which content to take (for example - shall we serve the original picture, or just the exif thumbnail?)
      That means, that a communication between the HTTP server and the MediaTomb application is required.

      To be honest, I do not if there is some framework available to "talk to Apache" from our app, but I will take a look. I would still prefer to write my own UPnP SDK; then I could reuse some GPL webserver which is good, small and has a nice API.


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